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Shopping for a swimsuit is the worst. 

Everything beyond a size 26 is a swimdress or a tankini.

I don’t understand how such a small amount of stretchy fabric can cost over $100.

Halter swimsuits destroy my neck.

Ugly or expensive.

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  1. poopballs said: dude that’s what gets me HOW ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE
  2. thecuteinexecute said: Have you checked Evans? Their selection isn’t huge but they have some suits and don’t cost $100.
  3. possum-in-a-jar said: I hate looking for swimsuits. ): In my case it feels like my two choices are: SLUTTY SKANKY NOT GONNA HOLD YOUR BOOBS LOL or WHAT’S UP GRANDMA WANDER OUT OF THE NURSING HOME OFTEN? Also there’s the matter of how the fuck do I cover up my awkward body
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